How Binaural Beats Can Help Children With ADHD

There is an unfortunate pandemic effecting youth around the world that is having an impact on productivity and education and compromising their future. The pandemic that we are referring to is the rise of ADHD. In past decades the presence of this issue were acknowledged but wasn’t considered a rapidly growing problem. However, with passing of time we have seen more and more young people not able to perform well in school and carry this condition into their adult lives. So the questions need to be asked: What is the cause of this sharp rise? Are we treating it effectively? And is there any possible way we can stop it. These questions come up a lot in the scientific community mostly because of concerned parents and ambitious scientist. Let’s begin by focusing on these issues and digging deep into society and home life in an attempt to discover what is escalating into a disaster.

It’s no secret that in society today we are almost bombarded with entertainment, much more so than in recent decades. Unlike the 1950’s, every house hold has a television, we have mobile phones with text messaging, video game systems, and let’s not forget the internet.  Most of these previously mentioned devices offer unlimited use and options which our minds might interpret as over stimulation. When a child is entertained, the mind is stimulated and chemicals that make us feel good are released such as dopamine and serotonin. This process, when constant, will train the brain into reacting most favorably to things that make us feel good and teaches us to seek these activities out later. When the entertainment stops and it comes time to do homework or chores around the house, the mind suddenly feels let down leading the child to resist not so fun activates. The transition can be difficult and can lead parents to a fight with their children over accomplishing or even starting productive tasks. In the world of unlimited and continuous stimulation, this can be a problem that grows with the child making it very difficult to reverse.

The solution to such issues may as easy as having your child sit calmly and listen to an audio session known as binaural beats. This technology is designed to take a scientific approach at slowing down the brain through simple beats and white back ground noise. It works kind of like this. Head phones are placed over each ear which provides an audio signal to the brain. The signal coming into each ear differs from the other one in terms of speed and frequency. When the brain reads these different signals, it begins to slow down causing the user to sharpen focus and find their way back to calm. The use of binaural beats for ADHD is nothing new but is just starting to catch on in the main stream. Most parents will find relief in hearing such things as they no longer have to supply their child with harmful drugs which may compromise their child’s future in another matter. This approach to curing this now common illness should be taken by more parents before it’s too late.