Choosing The Best Binaural Beat Option For You

The question that often follows the discovery of brain entrainment and binaural beats is normally how to achieve this sensation and what are the best options and products in the market place to accomplish this. It’s a common response for those that are on a budget to stick to digital audio files and perhaps look around the internet for free sources such as video’s and other media players. These sources of binaural beats will be a nice introduction and will give someone an idea of whether or not this type of technology is for them. There have been plenty of people that jump over this small step and start investing in different products and mp3s only to be disappointed that it’s not what they were expecting. These tracks include beats as the primary audio at two different frequencies which is the base of this type of technology. The rest of the track will be filled with white noise set at different volumes in order to give a certain effect. For most sessions, this is all you can expect from one of these audio tracks and for some reason people often expect more.

If someone has completed the first step in this process then they should have already experimented with binaural beats, feel this approach is a good benefit for them, and should be interested in a step two to move towards a higher quality. There are a surprising amount of products on the market for a niche as small as this and many of them are a complete waste of time. One does not need to have a PHD to recognize that an audio track is not going to cure you of cancer or bring hair back to the top of your head like some claims. Instead, people can find serious help within this market in areas such as sleep and mental disorders.

Binaural Beats Brain Picture

They come in many forms, but do binaural beats actually work?

Sleeping disorders can be successfully dealt with in a short amount of time with a single track or product.  Changing the brain frequency is what this technology is designed to do and there are plenty of digital files out that target this goal. For this I recommend a company known as I-doser which is a designer brand of beats to that make all kinds of wacky claims. However, when it comes to calming the brain into a mode of sleep, this company can be trusted. The best part about this product is that it’s only five dollars and if you don’t like it you’re not out that much money. In the event that this particular solution does not work for you we will move on to the next option.

Most people do not make it past the first portion of this journey; they simply listen to free binaural beats and hear nothing but noise and no potential. The second portion is enough for most as this company offers many exciting ways to find a solution for your problems and achieve brain entrainment. However, for some that are wanting better results, there is always a third option and that is a device known as the mind machine. This device takes step two and gives it an extra boost in potency by giving the beats a visual dynamic with carefully designed glasses. These glasses have a light display that Is in coordination with the sounds and communicates with the audio to produce a more dramatic impact on brain waves. If one of the top two options did not work out then this third one will not only help you towards your goals but leave you astonished in the process. It is comical to say that miracles don’t exist, it’s just rare that people look for them in science instead of fantasies.


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